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God’s Little Acre offers a stimulating learning environment with strong Christian values to preschool-aged children.  The preschool currently operates five days a week, offering classes for three and four-year-old children and is open to all families of the surrounding communities.  The curriculum of this program is based on a combination of traditional teaching methods with an emphasis to “hand’s-on” learning, giving the children opportunities to use their five senses to learn.
The daily schedule consists of large group learning as well as center-time.  Large-group learning is a time for children to learn basic skills. Center-time is when the children work and play independently or with small groups of friends at various centers; children are given chances to work on the computers, paint at an easel, write a story in the writing center, measure and pour in the sensory table, create a theme related art project, dance to music, climb on the jungle gym, build a tower and mix ingredients for a snack.

We host a Fall Festival in September.  In December, the children participate in a Christmas program.  In late winter we have the annual Pancake & Sausage Breakfast.

In the spring we have the annual Grandparents Breakfast.  To end the year, we have a traditional Graduation Ceremony for the Pre-K class who will be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall.  Some of these events help raise money to ensure a creative and stimulating environment for the students without raising the cost of tuition.


For more information about our preschool please call Kelly Elgin at 309-275-2403

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