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Kickoff Report

First, a big thank you to everyone who was involved in putting together the Kickoff Sunday yesterday. There were 126 participating in our worship service. Many people had a role in helping to make things work yesterday, and the entire Sunday was exciting. We had 70 participating in our Sunday School. It always makes Sunday School great when there are lots of students in each class. The teachers have some great new curriculum and the adults will be studying the book of Romans—next week is Romans 1:18-32. I hope we can keep up this great momentum through the Fall! You can continue to invite your friends and family to participate in life with us here.

One of the neat parts of the day yesterday were the young people working in order to put together 325 school bags which will be sent to young people all over the world. Some of the countries were school kits are sent include Jordan, Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lebanon, Haiti, U.S., Serbia, and Honduras. If you want to see more about the project through the Mennonite Central Committee, you can go to this page. There’s a great video to watch there also, if you weren’t present the week we showed it during the worship service. It’s a good thing when we realize that God has blessed us abundantly so that we can be a blessing to others. I like that we are helping our young people to learn this lesson as well.

Next week’s sermon will be from Nehemiah 3 and is entitled, “It Takes Everyone.” The vision and purpose of North Danvers Mennonite Church is realized best when we are all doing our part.

Continue to pray for the various health needs and other needs in our congregation. Let’s pray for a good harvest season as well for those of our number who are farmers. We pray for safety, good weather, and an abundant harvest.

God bless you all!


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