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For Harvest Mission yesterday, Josanne and I presented a bit about our experience in working in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We ended with a challenge, encouraging everyone to think about what that next step is we can each take in fulfilling our responsibility to be witnesses to the ends of the earth. We had suggested that it could be simply learning more about where our missionaries are serving, or it could be pledging to support our missionaries either in prayer or through finances. Our next step could be volunteering at a local ministry, or it could be building a relationship with those who are nearby. Whatever next step you need to take, I would like to remind you to take it.

Yesterday, I mentioned that the pastor of one of the areas we mentioned, Hoya de Bartolo, had asked for prayers because of flooding. I wanted to share just two of the pictures he sent. The first shows the flooding of the building that houses the water purification system for the community. You can see the flood waters reached this area, and it was necessary to clean the mud out of this building for it to continue to be used.

The second picture shows what Josanne talked about yesterday, how the river ha cuts underneath the foundation of some of the homes due to flooding. This is a new section of homes to which this is happening due to the latest floods. Will you join Josanne and I in praying for Pastor Felix and for the Church in the Hoya de Bartolo area of Santiago, Dominican Republic? Pray that the Church there is able to continue to meet the needs of those in this community.

Last week I spoke on the importance of giving. As we come to the end of the year, I know that many of you will be asked to give to a number of different ministries and organizations which do good work and are very deserving of our support. I wanted to remind all of us that as we approach the end of the year, we have three more opportunities to give for Church expense: this coming Sunday, November 20th; December 4th; and December 18th. We need to do some catching up from this year’s expenses, so I would encourage you to think about giving generously in order for us to come out even at year’s end.

I’ve already heard some very good stories from “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” Our group certainly enjoyed the hospitality we received. Thanks for all who participated, all who hosted, and thanks to Twila and her team for putting it all together.

Another reminder that if you are interested in going on the Mexico Mission Trip next summer, you need to let me know soon. We are working toward finalizing our dates to travel. You’ll see more information, soon.

God bless, Brian

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