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Birthday and Travel

Birth day and Travel

What a surprise for my birthday yesterday! Thanks to everyone who gave me a card (be assured that the Lord can forgive you for all of the mean things you said about me turning 50). Thanks also to those who planned it and had the special cake during fellowship time. It all made me feel very appreciated. Thank you.

Josanne and I are finishing up the last of our packing and getting ready to head up to Chicago this afternoon to fly out tomorrow morning for Israel. There’s a full itinerary posted on the small bulletin board outside of the office if you wonder where we are going to be on certain days. We are so looking forward to all that we will learn and experience. We have no idea about our internet connections over there, but we are going to try to keep you all updated as best we can. We would appreciate your prayers for safe and smooth travel.

The fact that we will be in Nazareth on my 50th birthday was one of the reasons we decided to go on this trip to Israel. I expect there to be time to reflect on what God is doing in our lives. The New Year is always a good time for us to stop and reflect on several areas of our live, including our devotion and submission to God. Are there areas where you’d like your walk with God to be closer to him? The New Year can be a good time to make a change.

I hope you continue to enjoy the Christmas celebration. Josanne and I will be in Bethlehem on Epiphany which is when some Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. For example in some Latin American countries January 6th, El dia de reyes (King’s day), is the day that friends and family exchange gifts. Let’s continue to focus in this time on God sending Jesus to show us the way to him.

We’ll miss you all while we are away.

God bless, Brian

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