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Being a Godly Person in Turbulent Times

Yesterday during the worship service we talked about the “turbulent times” into which Elijah was called. We might wish things could be different in the time and place in which we live, but we should remember that God has entrusted this time and place to us. In his wisdom, God thought that we were just the right people to live faithfully and to reach out in love in this time and place.

Let me share three things that help us live as godly people even in difficult times. First, we need to be people of prayer who are seeking God’s will and asking for his strength. Also, as I mentioned, we are called to pray for those who are leaders both of our nations and others. Secondly, we need to trust in God’s provision. It’s remarkable that God cared for Elijah’s needs by having ravens carry him food! This should remind us that we can have confidence in God to supply our needs. Thirdly, we need to be people who are will to carry out God’s will with boldness and courage. What God calls us to isn’t always easy and will require us to trust strongly in his plan.

There’s lots happening in the congregation right now. Make sure to look at the announcements to see what’s going on. Let me highlight a couple of things

It’s God’s Little Acre Preschool registration time! If you know children who would benefit from the great GLAPS program, they can call Cheryl at 309-662-3492.

Make sure to check out the VBS announcement in this E-Gram. If you can volunteer there is information there for you to sign up.

God bless,


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