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Beginning of Summer

There is lots of activity at this time of year. There are graduations and last days of school. Some are beginning to travel or doing a bit more outside (weather permitting). Farmers are still keeping busy. Summer activities have begun for the kids. This is a great time to also make sure to gather with your Church family on Sunday mornings. Remember that our Summer schedule will begin on June 11th with worship service at 9am and fellowship time immediately following.

I know that many people travel over Memorial Day, but remember we will be on our normal schedule next Sunday with Sunday School at 9am, worship service at 10:10am, and then our last Sunday potluck following the service! You don’t want to miss it!

June 4th we will be continuing the tradition of gathering with other community services to celebrate Pentecost. This year we will be gathering at the Carlock Christian Church building with services beginning at 10am.

We want to welcome Jim and Gloria McGowan as new members to North Danvers Mennonite Church! They were received into membership by the congregation during the worship service yesterday. We are excited about their desire to journey with us. If you have questions about placing your membership at NDMC, or if you have questions about continuing your journey of following Jesus by participating in baptism, I’d be happy to talk with you any time. You can call me at the Church office, or on my cell at 309-531-2520.

God bless,


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