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Advent 2017

Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent this year. We are planning lots of special music during Advent this year, and there will be lots of great things going on. The Advent series is titled, “What’s in a Name?” We’ll be focusing on the meaning of the names given to Jesus during the Christmas story. Do you know the meaning of your name? What is it significance? Were you named after someone else in your family or a family friend? I would be interested to hear any interesting stories about your name.

What we’ll be exploring is why was Jesus called “Jesus,” and what it means that he would be called Immanuel. I hope this series causes us to think afresh about how important it was that Jesus was born and came to live among us. Advent is about expectation. During this season we remember the long expectation of God’s people as they waited for the promised Messiah to be born. Advent is also a time that we remember that Jesus has promised to return when all will be made right. This is a season of hope even as we think about the ways that the world is broken. We remember that when Christ returns all will be made well, and his kingdom will come. This should be an encouragement as we seek to continue to expand God’s Kingdom in our community and in our world.

Yesterday was a great day at NDMC! Bill Troyer brought us an encouraging and challenging message during the worship service. Hanging of the Greens was fantastic as well. About 60 of us got the building all ready for the Advent series. Special thanks to Molly Hilt and Hannah Lee for their planning and leadership on this event. Thanks to Janel Metzger for leading the kids program, which was so sweet. Thanks also to those who prepared the food. It was neat to see everyone pitch in to help make the building look great!

Make sure to invite any friends and family who don’t have a church home to our Advent services! And make sure to come yourself. I think you’ll be blessed.

God bless,


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