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Spring Activities

Even though it’s still cool this morning, it seems that Spring has finally gotten here. The radio said this morning the wonderful words “warming trend.” Farmers are out in the fields. As I mentioned yesterday during prayer time, let’s pray for the safety of our farmers and farm workers as they move equipment, prepare the fields, and plant the seeds that are so important for our area.

As the weather warms, there are also more activities that are on the calendar. One I want to highlight specifically is the National Day of Prayer. Last year our Danvers-area churches came together for this special for the first time. It was an encouraging event! It will be held THIS THURSDAY, MAY 3rd at 6:30-7:15pm at the Danvers Township Community Building. I hope we have several from North Danvers who attend.

Spring also means graduation! We will be recognizing our graduates and having a reception for them on May 27th! If you have a graduate who is not on the list, please let Twila Eickhorst or me know as soon as possible!

Josanne and I will be travelling this week so that she can participate in the graduation ceremony for her MBA from Johnson University. We’ll be gone on Sunday, so a former student of mine, Seth Dralle will be preaching as we continue our series in Genesis. He’ll also be teaching the Adult Sunday School class on the book of Zephaniah, which you won’t want to miss! I hope you’ll make Seth and his family feel welcome!

It’s nice to see the sun shining and the flowers blooming! I hope you are able to enjoy some Spring today.

God bless, Brian

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