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Stubborn Hearts?

Our mission statement at North Danvers Mennonite Church is “We are followers of Christ led by his word, reaching out in love.” When we spend time in studying the Gospels we learn about what Jesus taught and the kind of life he led. It gives us a richer perspective of what it means to be a “follower of Christ.”

We are currently working through the Gospel of Mark during our worship service. Yesterday we looked at the account in Mark 3:1-6 where Jesus was faced with stubborn hearts. The religious leaders there were more concerned to see if Jesus would break the Sabbath than they were about the physical condition of the man who had a deformed hand. The Scriptures describe that Jesus was angry and he was “deeply distressed” when he saw their stubborn hearts. I asked if we sometimes have stubborn hearts. Where do we lack compassion? When do we have the inability to see another person’s pain and suffering because we are more concerned with ourselves? I know this passage was convicting to me and made me think again about what it means to be a follower of Christ.

It was a special blessing yesterday when our Mission Kids decorated Valentine’s Day cookies for us as a fund raiser. The kids did a fantastic job, and the money that was raised will go to support Luis from Colombia. A big thank you to all of the leaders who made it possible.

I hope that you’re planning to come out to our annual Uno Tournament this Sunday night at 6pm. Remember this is for all ages, and there will be a light supper and of course some good snacks. Think about who you can bring along to have some fun!

I need to confess to you that the beginning of 2019 has been a tough one. Between the sickness that’s going around, my Dad’s death, my own health concerns, and now Josanne’s mother’s illness, it has been draining. I’m still trying to do everything that I need, but if I’ve over looked something, or have fallen down in some area, please let me know.

Continue to be faithful in praying for our congregation. Continue to pray that God will lead.

God bless,


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