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An Amazing Savior

As we’ve been working through the Gospel of Mark so far this year, I’ve been struck by the many things that Jesus did and then by the response of those around him. Mark’s Gospel is action-packed. Jesus heals, he casts out demons, he stills the storm, he walks on water, he feeds 5,000. One story is told right after the other—boom, boom, boom. Then there is the reaction of the crowd. They are amazed. They say we’ve never seen anyone teach like this or perform these kinds of miracles. Despite his warnings not to tell anyone, the news about Jesus spreads and the crowds become greater and greater.

We are always in danger of taking for granted what an amazing Savior Jesus truly is. Familiarity breeds contempt, the saying goes. It’s been good for me to be remind again of what a truly remarkable ministry Jesus performed. As I read these accounts from Mark, I try to put myself into the lives of those whom Jesus encountered. What would it have been like to be the woman that Jesus healed after 12 years of suffering? What would it have been like to be the paralytic young man lowered through the roof? What would it have felt like to be Jairus and to hear the news that my daughter had not made it? Putting ourselves in the story in this way can renew the freshness of our own encounter with Jesus.

Josanne and I will be gone for the next week. We are going to Florida to spend some time at the condo where her Mom and Dad stay. Because of their emergency trip back to Kentucky, we are going to make sure everything is in order and turn in the keys. I’ve done my best to be upfront about the effect the beginning of this year has had on me (and on us) physically, emotionally, and mentally. I’m hoping this trip will give us some time to rest and reflect. I know this has been a very hard year so far for many of you. You all will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Remember the GLAPS pancake and sausage breakfast will be this Saturday. I hope you come out and support the work of the pre-school.

We’ve been mentioning the MCC Health Kits that we put together every year in the Spring. It occurred to me during the service yesterday that some may not know what these kits are, or how they are used. There’s a great website here that explains what they are and how they are used. I’d encourage you to visit the site and check out the video: Will you prayerfully consider if you can make a contribution?

We love you all.

God bless,


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