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May Rains

The saying is that April showers bring May flowers, but we got some big rains on the last day of April into May this year. They are predicting more on the way. I’m praying for those showers to miss us so that the farmers can get into the fields. I know that many would like to be planting soon. These are the times where we are reminded to trust that God continues to care for us and that he will continue to provide a way.

During the worship service, we continued to look at the journey of Moses and the Israelites “From the Wilderness to the Mountain.” As we look at their example, we are reminded that our spiritual journeys have obstacles and “wrong turns” along the way. The good news is that even if we have messed up and we find ourselves running away, God continues to provide opportunities that can draw us back to him. I believe Moses’ life as a shepherd among the Midianites helped him become the leader that God needed him to be.

Even though Moses had tried to take things into his own hands, it did not mean that he was ruined for that purpose forever. God called him back to the purpose of leading the Israelites out of Egyptian captivity. Here’s a question I pondered as I prepared: would we have been as ready to forgive Moses’ mistake? Would we have been as ready to see him resume the calling God had given him? God tends to be more gracious to us than we tend to be to one another. In fact, we need to remember that God tends to be more gracious to us than we are with ourselves, sometimes.

I’m going to remind you to continue to be in fervent prayer for one another. There are several serious needs in our own congregation and beyond. I’m going to ask again that you continue to pray for your pastor and all of the leaders of North Danvers Mennonite Church.

God bless,


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