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Summer Schedule

Yesterday was the first Sunday for our summer schedule—no Sunday School until September and our worship service at 9am. It may not completely feel like summer, but most of the schools are out, and we are already seeing some people doing some traveling.

Remember that next week we are hosting the community Pentecost service at North Danvers. Pastors from other local churches will be participating in the service. Bill Dunbar will be speaking to represent the Midwest Food Bank. You’ll want to come and participate.

Lots of other special events are coming up. Saturday is our outing to Menno Haven camp. In two weeks we will be having a special music Sunday where we’ll be singing some of the songs and hymns that you have requested. VBS is coming up in a couple of weeks as well.

Yesterday during the worship service we saw that God provides for the needs of his people. What we must remember is that God does this in what is sometimes unexpected ways. Though we may have an idea in our mind of how we would like for God to provide for us, God is not limited to our imaginations on the matter. We trust that God has something even better for us in store than what we might think of on our own. We can look at the way that he has provided for us spiritually in Christ to see that his plans are much greater than our own.

We continue to pray for all of those who are experiencing need, and especially for the farmers in our congregation. It has been a challenging planting season so far, to say the least. Many I have talked to say they have never seen such a wet planting season. Again, we continue to pray and to trust for God’s guidance, wisdom, and provision in times such as these.

God bless, Brian

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