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Live Out Your Faith

Yesterday we ended our series on the book of Exodus. We saw in Exodus 19 how the Israelites were set apart to a purpose. They were to be a nation full of priest who were leading other nations toward God. As God’s people we are called to tell other people the good news that they are loved by God. At North Danvers our mission statement is: “We are followers of Christ led by his word, reaching out in love.”

I ended the sermon yesterday with a challenge. I challenged those there to reach out in love to someone else intentionally in a way that brings glory to God. I gave them a deadline to do that in the next 48 hours left. For those who were there, you have about 24 hours remaining—how have you done? If you weren’t in the service yesterday, I want to extend this same challenge to you: In the next 48 hours do something that will reach out with God’s love to someone who needs it. Perhaps someone who needs to know that God loves them. I’d like to hear about what you’ve done too, if you want to share.

Next week, we will begin a series on the book of 1 Peter in our worship service that will carry us through the rest of the Summer. I hope you’ll want to be a part of it.

We heard a good report about VBS this past week. There were good numbers and everything seemed to go well. Next week we will have a short video during our service that will show some of the things that happened during this week.

This past weekend was the annual meeting of the Central District Conference. Jim and Deb Hubbard and I attended as delegates from North Danvers. In the next few weeks, we’ll be giving you a report.

Don’t forget! Reach out in love to someone who needs to experience God’s love. See you next Sunday!

God bless, Brian

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