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End of Summer 2019

Most of the young people, teachers, and staff are back to school. The colleges and universities have started, and next weekend is Labor Day. It looks like our summer has come to an end. Even the weather feels a bit more like Fall.

We had a mistake in the Refrigerator Reminder yesterday, so I want to make this very clear: next week—Labor Day Weekend—we will have our Worship Service at 9am and no Sunday School. Sunday School will start on Sunday September 8th at 9 am and our Worship Service will be held at 10:10 am. If you think somebody might be confused about this, make sure you check in with them!

Speaking of Sunday School, there is an exciting and new program for the Elementary-aged children this Fall that we hope you will be apart of. We think it will both help to reinforce the Bible stories that our young people should know, and it will be action-oriented and engaging. We hope that as many young people as possible will come to take part in it!

As for Adult Sunday School, we’ll be looking at the book of Revelation. I think you’ll find this study both enlightening and helpful. I promise it won’t be scary at all, and you’ll learn a great deal about the way that God has revealed himself to us in his Scripture. Make sure to come out yourself and invite a friend!

We do hope that you’ll invite someone for our Kickoff Sunday. Especially be thinking of those who don’t have a church home of their own.

One additional note. On September 29th we will be joining with the Presbyterian Church in Danvers as they celebrate their 190th anniversary. I hope that many will go to show their support. They are having a lunch following the service, so if you are planning to stay for the lunch you need to get a head count either to the Presbyterian Church or to me by September 15th so they’ll know how much food to prepare.

God bless and hope to see you Sunday!


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