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Harvest Continues

To say that this has been a strange year for farmers seems to be an understatement. While last year this time many were finished in the fields, this year there is a lot still to do. Heavy rain in the forecast and more rain to come, let’s make sure to continue to pray for the farmers in our community. We always pray for safety and we hope that the harvest finishes up well.

There are just two more sermons left in the series on Judges. This is the first time I’ve ever preached through this book, and I must say that I’ve really enjoyed the study. I have learned a lot as I prepared. We’ll take a quick look at the book of Ruth and it’s relationship to the Book of Judges, then it will be time for our Advent series. Christmas will be here before we know it!

It’s been good to see visitors the past couple of weeks. Make sure to always be thinking and praying about who you might want to invite to church. As I’ve said before, many people will come along with you to a worship service if you will invite them. Try to always have someone in mind to invite.

Hope to see you Sunday!

God bless, Brian

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