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Like a Winter Snow

With the forecasted temperature for today it won’t last long, but at the moment I look out my office window and see snow covering the fields. It reminds me of the video with which we concluded the service yesterday. When we looked at our first Advent sermon on Bethlehem, we see that God sent his son to be born in a quiet place, to an unexpected family, in an unexpected way. Jesus, our King, did not come charging in on a stallion, but was born as an helpless babe who was utterly dependent upon his family for everything. If you haven’t heard the song “Winter Snow,” I invite you to watch the video and listen by clicking here. This is a different video than the one we saw in the service, so even if you were in attendance yesterday I encourage you to listen again and reflect on the message of this season and what it means for us. We sometimes become so absorbed in the bustle and hustle, the shopping, preparations, and travel, that we don’t take time for some silence with God to think about he marvelous and miraculous gift he sent us in Jesus.

I hope you’ll make a point to make our Advent services a part of your family’s Christmas plans. Our worship of God and our following Jesus born in humble Bethlehem reminds us of what our focus should be on in this season. We began our Advent season with some beautiful special music as well. Thanks to all of those who share of their musical talents.

God bless and hope to see you Sunday.


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