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Encountering Jesus Humbly

The current series during our worship service is Encountering Jesus. We are looking at the people Jesus came into contact with in the Gospel of Luke. Yesterday in Luke 5 and 6, we saw a number of different people and groups that Jesus came into contact with. The point of the sermon yesterday was that our attitude in approaching Jesus makes all the difference in the way we encounter him. Peter and Levi encountered Jesus with humility and their lives were given purpose and meaning. The leper and the paralyzed man came humbly to Jesus and they were made whole. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law, on the other hand, approached Jesus critically and they went away unchanged. Our attitude can make all of the difference in what it means when we encounter Jesus as well. Approaching Jesus humbly means that we recognize that we don’t have it all together and we need him.

Next week we’ll be look at Luke 7 and the way that Jesus responded to people with compassion. Remember to continue to invite people to come to worship or Sunday School with you. Remember that we have Sunday School for all ages. The young people are memorizing the books of the Bible just now, which is such an important thing to learn.

God bless and I hope to see you Sunday!


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