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Annual Meeting 2022

Our annual meeting for the last year is in the books. It had been two years since we had been able to hold a meeting. The small turnout did indicate that things are still certainly not normal, but as Steve Eickhorst said, “we hope for better days ahead.” I want to personally say thank you to the board members who have been serving faithfully in extraordinary circumstances over the past few years. I also mentioned in my statement that I am thankful for those who have stepped in to help when we’ve had only a few people who are able to volunteer. We pray that God continues to provide for us and empower us to accomplish this purpose through us.

Next week’s sermon is on Matthew 5:21-26 as we continue through the Sermon on the Mount. The focus of this part of Jesus’ message is the way we deal with others—especially those with whom we have differences. Jesus calls us to be reconciled. It would be a good time to think if there are any relationships where some mending needs to be done. Jesus is showing us there’s a different way for us to live than those around us. I’ve said repeatedly that we live in a time of division. As Christians, I encourage us to show the love we have for one another and to live in unity through Christ.

I would encourage you to continue to pray for one another and to pray for our congregation at North Danvers.

God bless, Brian Scripture readings for next Sunday Matthew 5:21-26—How does your “normal” way of settling disputes compare to Jesus’ teaching?

Proverbs 15:1-8—What does this teach us about the way we treat each other?

Leviticus 19:9-18—What does this passage say about how we live in community?

Romans 12:14-21—Describe in your own words what Paul is teaching us here.


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