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Funk’s Grove Worship

What a terrific day yesterday! Several of you mentioned what a great day it was. The weather cooperated, and we had a great turnout. A wonderful time of worship together and then great fellowship afterwards. The food was fantastic. Samantha’s baptismal service was so special as well. Quite a few of her family members were able to join us. It was so nice for those from the Presbyterian church to join us. I’ve already heard several both from there and also from North Danvers saying that we need to do it again next year! Thanks so much for all of those who planned, participated, and worked to make it all come off so smoothly. Thank you!

Remember that we will not be meeting at the NDMC building again next week, as we’ll be participating in the community service for Danvers Days. The service is being led by the Danvers Baptist Church this year, with a special concert, and brunch to follow.

As I said last week, it’s starting to feel like the summer is drawing to a close. Kids are back to school, and we’ll resume our regular schedule again on September 10th. Be sure to invite some of your friends and neighbors to join with us for that service!

God bless!



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