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Icy What You Did There


It is slick out! If you don’t need to be anywhere, I’d encourage you to stay in. It was definitely slippery in several spots between the house and here this morning. Praying a prayer of safety for those who have to be out on a day like this.


Another reminder that our Annual Meeting is next week following our January potluck.


Also a reminder that we really could use some help during the worship service if you are willing to read Scripture or to lead worship. We also would welcome volunteers to be greeters.


Next week’s sermon will be taken from Luke 7:11-35 and it’s about our expectations. The account has John the Baptist wondering if Jesus is the one that they’ve been expecting. It’s pretty amazing considering that even before birth John the Baptist was set aside to prepare the way for the Messiah and now he’s having questions himself.


It makes you think that maybe our expectations could be somewhat off as well. What are we expecting God to do? What are we expecting the results to be? I think it will be some good things for us to think about in preparation for the Annual Meeting.


Hope to see you next week! Definitely be careful if you have to get out.

God bless,



Scripture readings for next Sunday


Luke 7:11-35—What do you think John the Baptist expected the Messiah to be like?

Malachi 2:17-3:5—How is the people’s expectation described here? Why do you think it is described this way?

John 12:27-41—How would it be possible that some could hear a voice from heaven and not believe it?

Deuteronomy 32:1-22—How did the generation described here compare to the generation of John the Baptist?



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