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Lots of Activity

As we work through the Gospel of Mark again in our Sunday morning worship services, I’m reminded of how focused this gospel is on Jesus’ actions. While Matthew and Luke contain large sections of Jesus’ teaching, Mark tells us the things that Jesus did and what happened as a result. This moves the story along quite quickly. We saw yesterday the beginning of the conflicts between Jesus and the religious leaders of his day. Next week, in Mark 3, we’ll see the way that Jesus draws people around himself. He calls his disciples and creates a new community of people around himself.

There was lots of activity at North Danvers this weekend. I want to say thank you, again, to the many who spent their time and effort to help with Carol Glick’s funeral service. Thank you to those who coordinated and set up the fellowship hall. Thanks to those who provided food and who helped serve. Thanks to those who worked diligently on running the audio and making sure the live stream went well. Thanks also to those who helped with taking down tables and chairs afterwards. Everything went very well, so thank you for the service that you provide to Carol’s family.

A quick reminder that our annual meeting will be in two weeks on January 22. We will have a potluck lunch after the worship service, followed by the meeting.

God bless, Brian

Mark 3:1-19—Why do you think people began to gather around Jesus so quickly?

Mark 3:20-35—What is the significance of Jesus speaking about his family?

Deuteronomy 5:12-15—How was the Sabbath day to be “kept”?

John 5:16-30—How does Jesus’ teaching here relate to Mark 3?


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