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Marisa Smucker

It was so nice to have Marisa Smucker from Mennonite Mission Network with us yesterday. Her message was challenging as she called us to align our will with God’s will and then to act intentionally to live that out. She reminded us that sometimes those decisions will be very difficult and will go against the expectations of the society. If you weren’t able to hear Marisa’s message yesterday, I encourage you to go back and listen to it on our Facebook page.

I told Marisa that her message fit very well with our current series on “God’s Plan for His People.” To be “on mission,” as we go about our lives is an important part of God’s plan. We are people who want to see God’s Kingdom come, and we work as we can every day to be a part of that Kingdom.

There are several who are in need of our prayers just now, including two that will have surgeries this week—Dave Yoder will have surgery on Tuesday and Haley Marti will have surgery on Thursday. Prayer is such a vital part of our lives as followers of Jesus. Let’s make sure to be in special prayer for those who have need of it.

We’ll finish up our current series next week by seeing that God’s ultimate plan for his people is eternal life with him.

Love you all. God bless,


Revelation 21—What are some symbols you can pick out in this chapter? What do they signify?

Psalm 16—When you read this psalm, what feelings does it evoke?

1 Corinthians 15:51-57—What kind of hope does this passage convey?

John 5:24-30—How do you understand Jesus’ promise here? What difference does it make for us?


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