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Some Special Events

Remember that we have some special services upcoming. Next week we’ll be having our service down at Funk’s Grove. If the weather is good, we’ll be holding our worship service in the Chapel of the Templed Trees. You will want to either bring a folding chair or a blanket. If there’s rain, or it’s too hot, we’ll meet in the chapel. The picnic area is nice and covered however, so we should be able to enjoy a nice picnic following, even if there is rain. We’ll have the pulled pork sandwiches as well as lemonade and tea. I believe there will also be some pies. If you’d bring a salad, dish, or dessert to share.

A week from Sunday will be the Danvers Days Worship Service in the park in Danvers. The service starts at 9:30am. There will be a concert and brunch following. There are some flyers at the church about this event.

We’ll, we’ve gotten some rain over the weekend, and the weather has cooled down a bit. While I think there are some more hot days ahead, it certainly does feel like the end of summer. School is starting soon, and the University move in days are nearby. Given the message on prayer yesterday, it would be good to say a prayer our students and teachers as they head back to school.

Let’s also be praying for those who we’d like to see join our congregation, and maybe we could invite them to join us this Fall. Our kickoff Sunday will be September 10th.

God bless,


Scripture readings for next Sunday Psalm 104—How do you discern God through nature?

Romans 1:18-23—What mistake about creation is described here?

Proverbs 8:22-36—What is the connection between creation and wisdom?

Revelation 5:6-14—What do you see in this picture of worship from Revelation?


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