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Eastern Kentucky Flooding

Most of you have seen the reports of the flooding in Eastern Kentucky. The pictures show terrible destruction and the stories of lives lost are tragic. While it would be heart-breaking no matter what, the fact that this is Josanne’s home area means the familiarity with people and places affected make it very difficult to see and hear about. There are reports of the water rising again in some areas as of this morning.

North Danvers has sent groups on mission trips to this area in the past as well, so some of you are familiar with this area. In the past groups have stayed and worked in Hindman, the county seat of Knott County. The past few years the youth group has served in Wheelwright in Floyd County.

I would ask a couple of things. First, pray for those affected. Pray for strength and resilience as the task of rebuilding looks complete insurmountable at the moment. Second, look for ways to support organizations which are helping. Let me give a few suggestions. Always look for organizations that have a means of distributing their aid. Also look for organizations where the majority of the aid goes to those who have the need. Close to home, Bill Hinrichsen has reported that the Midwest Food Bank will be sending food to be distributed in Eastern Kentucky. You can find information and ways to help here:

Kentucky officials have established a fund to help flood victims. You can find that information here: I have not seen information posted yet from either Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) or the Big Creek Mission in Wheelwright. My guess is that the local groups are busy dealing with the situation just now, and haven’t had time to update information. But you can find information for these organizations here: and I’m sure there are many other organizations taking part in the efforts. I would just encourage you to do your research to make sure that you are supporting organizations where the majority of the donations go to those who are truly suffering from this catastrophic situation.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday Isaiah 42—What are some descriptions of Jesus that you notice in this prophecy?

Exodus 3:1-12—Why do you think it was important that God promised he’d be with Moses? Isaiah 43—How would you describe the promise of this passage?

Matthew 28:16-20—How does Jesus’ promise empower his disciples?


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