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God’s Plan for His People

Over the past several weeks, the theme of the sermons has been “God’s Plan for His People.” I hope that it has been a helpful reminder that God wants good for us. His plan for us from the beginning will eventually be brought to pass in the age to come. The good news is that through Jesus we can become a part of God’s plan in the present.

As I mentioned yesterday, Josanne and I and our family will be travelling to the Dominican Republic on Saturday, so we’ll be gone the next two Sundays. This will be our first time traveling back to the DR in 10 years. We are looking forward to getting away as a family, but we are also looking forward to spending some time seeing the way that GO Ministries has developed over the past decade. It will be nice to renew relationships with some people we haven’t seen face-to-face in a long time. I would ask you to pray for us—for safe travel, and also that all goes well in the opportunities we’ll have to meet with others. We plan on sharing some about our trip on the Sunday we return.

Paul Walles will be filling the pulpit while we are away. I’ve heard very good things about the sermon he brought last time he preached here. Several of you have mentioned that it was very meaningful to you, so I hope you’ll make a point of coming out to see what message Paul has for us this time.

We’ll miss you all while we’re away.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday Micah 3—What does this passage teach us that applies today?

Matthew 23:1-12—What kind of situations today would you apply this passage to?

Psalm 43—When have you felt the kind of desolation described here? How did you respond?

Romans 9:22-33—What does this passage teach us about God’s people? Why is this important?


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