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Time Away

We really missed seeing everyone at the worship service yesterday, but it was a great time of celebration with our daughter, Bethany. She has put in a lot of hard work over the past several years, so it was great to be able to share with her in her satisfaction of having reached this milestone.

Now Josanne and I are sitting in the airport in Dallas waiting for our flight to Mexico. We’ve had very little extended time together over the past several months, so we are really looking forward to unplugging and spending time catching up. It’s important in every marriage to have those times away together.

I trust all went well yesterday with our guest speaker. I’ve heard from Bob, and he told me that he thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you all. I hope he was a blessing to you as well.

Remember that next week we’ll be celebrating Pentecost together with other area congregations. Pentecost is a time to remember what we have in common as believers. Services will be held at 10am at Danvers Presbyterian Church. There will not be Sunday School, worship, or fellowship time at North Danvers next Sunday.

Check out this E-gram for everything else that is happening. Remember that if you are on Facebook, you can find regular updates on the North Danvers Mennonite church Facebook page, or on the web at:

I hope to see you all next week!

God bless,

Brian and Josanne

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