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Israel Update 2

Our two weeks in Israel have come to an end, and Josanne and I will likely be somewhere over the Atlantic when you are reading this. Christianity is a historic faith. The events we read about in Scripture are real people in real places. Going on a trip like we’ve experienced is an opportunity to get into touch with this aspect of our faith in a new way.

There was a recent article in Christianity Today about Biblical archaeology and the top 10 discoveries just from the last year. You can read this article here. One of these mentioned (number 3) impacts the Gospel of John, and specifically the sermon you’ll be hearing on January 29th from John 2. I don’t understand how anyone can get bored with the Bible. It is a fresh, living Word from God that becomes deeper and richer the more that you study it. Of the many things that we spend time on, few are more rewarding than the time we spend in God’s Word.

One of the areas of growth I hope for us in the year to come is that we can continue to grow in our knowledge of and love for the Word of God. This leads to a deeper obedience to its teachings as well. North Danvers Mennonite Church is an exciting place to be involved as we grow together in our faith. We look forward to seeing you all again this week!

God bless,Brian

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