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A Special Sunday

Wow! Yesterday was one of those days that shouldn’t be missed! Elizabeth Miller presented the work that she and her husband, Neil, do in Colombia and Ecuador. She did such a fantastic job explaining the many ministries that the churches are doing there. Her presentation was such a blessing. One of her recurrent statements really struck home with me. She expressed that the churches there are very good at doing ministry that is relevant to their context. There’s an important lesson for us in this! Elizabeth also really helped us to see how the church’s response in Colombia fits in with the larger picture of the historical and political situation there. Pray for Elizabeth and Neil as they do God’s work!

Several people, especially the Miller family, came to hear Elizabeth’s presentation. They also gathered to celebrate Imogene Miller’s 90th birthday which is next Sunday. Imogene, of course, is very deeply involved with the work of the Mennonite Central Committee, which is the organization that her granddaughter, Elizabeth, works for in Colombia. Yesterday was also Marietta Brandt’s 89th birthday. What a blessing these women have been to our congregation!

Seems like we got all summer’s rain over the weekend. While it was nice to get the rain, the bad news is that it rained out our All Church wiener roast. Because of other upcoming activities, we were not able to reschedule.

Next Sunday, October 14th, there will be an Open House at the newly-expanded food pantry in Danvers from 4-6 pm. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to see the facilities.

Also, next Sunday morning during Sunday School hour (9 am), Jed Meztger will be presenting on how we can give in a way that takes full advantages of the tax laws. This should prove to be an important and helpful time.

It was certainly an action-packed Sunday and one to be remembered!

God bless, Brian

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