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In the Throes of Winter

I hope this Monday morning finds you in a warm and safe place. As I write this from Southern Indiana, the cold feels bitter. The thermometer on the car read 2 F just now. Again, it was a hard decision to cancel services Sunday morning. When I heard the stories of those who had been stuck in their cars overnight and cars that had been abandoned, I think the right decision was made.

This will be a bit of an irregular week for me. If you haven’t heard yet, my Dad passed away on Saturday. Josanne and I and our family are currently in Southern Indiana for the funeral. My brother, sister, and I will be heading into the funeral home in just a little bit to make the arrangements. We certainly appreciate the messages of comfort and condolence that we have received. While we will certainly miss him, Dad made the most of his 95 years and he had been ready to go for some time. Let’s also continue to be in prayer for Louise and the rest of Bob Bowen’s family.

At this point, we are planning to continue with the Annual Meeting next week. If you stop by the church for your mail, please note that some of the mailboxes have shifted. We are currently out of space in our mailboxes and will need to make some adjustments in the very near future.

Please pay attention to the upcoming announcements. Besides missing the time of worship we have together, it’s also the time that we highlight announcements. Make sure to read carefully to see everything that’s going on. I certainly miss being with you all.

Love you all.

God bless,


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