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The Big Game

Nothing helps get us past the winter doldrums more than some good, heated competition! You might think I’m talking about the Super Bowl last night, but no! I’m talking about something that is much more competitive and interesting than that. The North Danvers Mennonite Church 3rd Annual Uno Tournament will be held on Sunday, February 17th. Even though the weather has been cold outside, I guarantee that the competition will heat it up! Our vision for this event is that it is an opportunity for all ages to participate together in an activity, so the whole family is invited. It’s also a great time to invite your friends and neighbors. It gives us a chance to get to know one another a little bit better as well. I hope you’ll plan on attending and you’ll plan on bringing someone else along.

Speaking of the weather, it was certainly cold out last week. Between the cold and the snow our trustee team has been working overtime to make sure that the parking lots are cleared and the sidewalks are safe. We want to say a big thank you again to them. The Hospitality group for this quarter has also seemed to have lots of extra duty, and they’ve done a great job. I’ve heard so many compliments from guests and members alike talking about how well you’ve done. So thank you to you all as well.

Another event you’ll want to know about is that NDMC is privileged to be able to host the Distress Supper for the Illinois Mennonite Relief sale on Tuesday, February 12th. There are opportunities for you to help out with this important event.

Yesterday at the end of our worship service, we used the song “Come as You Are” by Crowder as a reflection song. This song is one of my current favorites and has been an encouragement to me through our time of grieving. There seem to be several of our families who are experiencing loss just now, and others that are going through tough times. I find especially comforting the words: “Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal.” You can watch the video here.

I want to encourage you to continue to pray for NDMC, for the current leaders, and for each member. I’ve said I believe that we stand at a critical juncture. I pray that God continues to find us faithful and willing to accomplish his purpose in us.

Love you all and God bless!


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