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From the Wilderness to the Mountain

Yesterday, during the worship service we began a series on the book of Exodus titled, “From the Wilderness to the Mountain.” In our own spiritual journeys, there are wilderness moments and there are mountaintop moments. When we are trying to get from the wilderness to the mountains there will always be obstacles. When I’m out hiking, to go from lower elevation to higher elevation is always more difficult than going downhill. I can’t help but think it’s true in our spiritual lives as well. The way upward has many more obstacles, and requires more effort than simply coasting downward. I hope this series is encouraging to us in overcoming these obstacles.

As a reminder from the sermon yesterday, think about the way that God has uniquely gifted you and where he is placed you in order to better understand you calling. You are specifically gifted in a way that this congregation and our community needs. Spend some time in thought and prayer about ways that you can serve to meet the needs of others.

Seems like there are several of our number who are dealing with health concerns just now. I want to encourage us to remain faithful in prayer for those who are on our list, and also to look for practical ways to meet the needs of those who are in times of difficulty.

Remember the events that we have upcoming. Our coffee and fellowship time will resume this Friday after being cancelled last week because of the God’s Little Acre Preschool Grandparent’s day. I hope to see you there!

Remember to invite your friends and neighbors to come join us.

God bless,


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