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Extraordinary Faith

During the worship service yesterday we saw how God raised up Gideon as Israel’s judge. The primary point I tried to get across in my sermon was that during difficult times God calls us to extraordinary faith. Many individuals and families have experienced quite difficult times in the past year or so. Our congregation as a whole seems to have had a difficult time over the past year or so, as well. While it’s our tendency in times of difficulty to want to sort of curl up and wait for it all to blow over, I believe that it is in precisely these times that God calls us to exhibit the strength of our faith in him. Do we trust God even in these difficult times. As God demonstrated to Gideon, at the end it isn’t our circumstances, or our ability, but it’s our radical trust in God that makes a difference.

I encourage you to continue to pray regularly and earnestly for those on our prayer list. The power of prayer is one of the ways we demonstrate that we are trusting in God, not our own strength. Many of us need an extra dose of prayer at this time.

Remember to pray for the farmers of our community as the harvest season begins. We also pray for safety as they move equipment on the roads and as they spend long hours in the field. Pray for safety, protection, and also pray for God’s provision through this harvest season.

Will you also pray for God’s provision for our congregation? We are more behind than usual for this year. I know that God is able to provide for our needs in remarkable ways. Please join me in praying for God to provide.

God bless,


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