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A Cold but Full Sunday

The temperature certainly has dropped over the past week and we’ve already seen snow flurries. As Josanne and I were driving back with our repaired Jeep from North Carolina, we saw a lot of snow on the ground all the way from Southern Indiana and West of Indianapolis.

So it was too cold for our wiener roast to be held outside, but we had forty-four people gather in the Fellowship Hall for delicious hot dogs. They tasted even better because Steve Dennis had done all the hard work of preparing them! Everyone enjoyed the food and the fellowship. Thanks to all of those who helped with the preparation and the clean-up.

During the worship service, the young people prepared 25 shoe boxes of gifts to be sent to children in various parts of the world through the ministry of Samaritan’s Purse. Good job to the young people who prepared the boxes, and thanks to Diana Boschulte for organizing the efforts. Thanks also to all of those who donated items or money for shipping the boxes. It’s a good beginning to the season of giving.

Speaking of which, look for the announcement elsewhere in this E-Gram from Josanne about items that are needed for the flood victims of Eastern Kentucky. There are going to be some further opportunities to help those who were affected.

So while it was cold outside, it was certainly warm in the church building yesterday and it was a full day of worship, fellowship, and service.

God bless, Brian

Galatians 6—What does it look like when we “bear one another’s burdens”?

Matthew 12:1-14—What do these stories demonstrate about the contrast between Jesus and the Pharisees?

Romans 15:1-13—What does Paul say we should do for one another in these passages?

Proverbs 11:16-21—What do these proverbs teach about sowing and reaping?


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