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Band Concert 2023

Wow! What a crowd! As near as they can tell, they think yesterday’s crowd at the band concert was a record attendance. We certainly went through a lot of pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs, and lots and lots of pie and ice cream. A huge thank you to the planners of this event. You did a great job! And a huge thank you to the many volunteers it took to make this event a success. Thank you to the cake and pie bakers. Thank you to those who purchased items. Especially thank you to those who came out to serve the food with a smile. Whew. We’re done. . . ‘til next year.

Please note that in (less than) two weeks, we’ll be switching to a 10am starting time for our worship services on Sunday. Some people suggested that the later time would work better for them, so the Worship Team decided to give it a try for half of the summer. The first Sunday at 10am will be July 16th.

Lots of people in need of our prayers just now. It’s a good reminder that all of us are dealing with so much. It’s important to treat one another with kindness. Just a reminder for today.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday Colossians 2:16-23—What do you learn from this passage that needs to be applied to today?

Luke 5:27-39—What was it about Jesus’ teaching that made it difficult for the religious leaders to accept? Hosea 2:9-13—What similarities do you notice between this passage and Colossians 2?

Romans 14:13-23—In what ways does this suggest we can have the wrong focus in Christianity?


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