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Danvers Days 2022

Well, another Danvers Days is in the books and along with it another Community Worship service. It wasn’t the best weather we’ve had for the service. It was very damp and foggy, with a few drizzles. Many thanks to those who braved the elements and participated. I’m sorry we weren’t able to live stream the service, but between setting up the sound system and preparing to lead worship in addition to giving the homily, that piece got missed. About half way through the service I thought, “Whoops! I never pressed the button to go live.”

I was thinking this weekend that 40 years ago, when Danvers Days began, it would have been the last hurrah of summer, but schools have already started now so it’s a bit different than it used to be. Congratulations though to the Danvers Days committee for pulling together a fine festival. Despite the weather on Saturday night not being very cooperative, we were able to enjoy a nice fireworks show and a great parade on Sunday afternoon.

I was able to be down in Eastern Kentucky for a few days this past week. Both Josanne and Andrew have been working hard to help those who have experienced flooding. There are lots of stories that I hope we can share, but I’ll give you my quick impression just now. While the pictures and the videos capture some of the devastation, the effect of being down there is to see that these images are only a part of the destruction which runs for miles and miles and miles. Many there are still reliant on the generosity of others for their meals. Thanks again for all of those who’ve donated to help the efforts there.

Just a reminder that our kick off will be the week after Labor Day on September 11 when our worship time will switch back to 10:10am. Hope to see you there and bring a friend! Until then we’ll continue to meet at 9am for worship.

God bless!


Scripture Reading for Next Sunday

Isaiah 58—What’s the connection between our worship and the way that we treat others? Matthew 25:31-46—What is Jesus teaching us to do here? What action is he calling us to?

Deuteronomy 24:17-22—Why do you think God is concerned for foreigners, orphans, and widows? James 1:22-27—How does this passage apply to us in our current time and culture?


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