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Isaiah 19

Isaiah 19 concerns a prophecy about Egypt. It speaks of a time of destruction and desolation, but also a time when the Egyptians will turn to the Lord. I mentioned that from the 2nd to the 7th Centuries AD that Egypt, especially the city of Alexandria, was a major center of Christianity. There continues to be a Coptic Church there to this day with an estimated 10% of population today being Coptic Christians.

I also mentioned some former students who have an incredible story of coming out of Egypt. Josh Sherif has recently written a book which tells the interesting story of his family’s escape from Egypt and their becoming followers of Jesus. I highly recommend it—you can find it by clicking this link: The Stranger at our Shore. If you’d like to hear an interview with Josh and his co-author Sarah Tierney, you can click on a podcast link here: Interview with Josh and Sarah. Josh is now a pastor in the Albany Park area of Chicago and has a vibrant congregation there.

What can we imagine God doing in the world? Remember that God is concerned for drawing people to himself. If we are followers of Jesus, that should be our focus as well. How can we share the good news about Jesus with those who need to hear it.

Be praying for the youth group and Amber and Jesse this week as they travel to Kentucky. Mission trips are always important, impactful times for our youth. Pray for safety and for their hearts to be open to what God is teaching them. While we’re at it, I suppose to could pray for our hearts to be open to what God is teaching us as well.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday Isaiah 24:1-13—What kind of an image is being described there?

Ezekiel 26:1-14—What does this prophecy say will happen to Tyre?

Matthew 11:20-24—What warning should we take from Jesus’ words here?

Psalm 112—What does this psalm teach about true security?


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