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Moving Forward

Yesterday the sermon was titled “Moving Forward Despite Discouragement.” It looked at Ezra 4 where the community who was trying to rebuild the Temple were discouraged by the people who had been left in the land after the exile. They were ultimately forced to put a hold on the work they were doing for God. I compared it to the way that any time we set out to accomplish God’s will, we will face opposition and difficulty. I was hoping to share it with some people for whom I thought it would be an encouragement. I know there were others who were anxious to hear it. And a piece of our equipment that connects us to the internet so that we can stream quit working. Talk about discouragement!

I know it is frustrating when our live stream fails to work. You need to know it can be frustrating for those who are volunteering as well. The sermon yesterday applies well—when we face difficulties, it does not mean that we are not on the right track. In fact, sometimes that’s likely why the difficulties come. What you need to know is that things are better. Yesterday was a fluke with the internet hotspot not working right at the time of the service. I’ve already this morning figured out what to do if it happens again, but we couldn’t figure it out quickly just before the service. Also, we learned yesterday how to make sure that we have a recording of the service, even if we are not live streaming, so that will help in the future as well. The point of this is that I hope you continue to thank and encourage the volunteers who are giving their time and energy to learn how to use this system. Let’s join together in praying that everything works as it should.

This weekend, Josanne and I will be attending a ministers and spouses retreat put on by Everance. We are hoping to have a nice time away. Please continue to pray for us and pray for our congregation. I’m encouraged right now. I mentioned in the sermon that God has been opening my eyes to some ways that he is at work, and it’s a good reminder that he is the one in whom we place our trust.

God bless, Brian

Scripture Readings for next Sunday

Ezra 5—How would you describe what we read in Ezra 5?

Ezra 6—How do you see God caring for his people in this passage?

Luke 12:4-7—How can we respond to Jesus’ teaching here?

Psalm 121—What images in this psalm help us understand the Lord’s care for us?


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