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Our Weekend Away

We missed seeing everyone yesterday, but Josanne and I really enjoyed our weekend back in Cincinnati. We went as a part of an Everence teaching for pastors and spouses on finance. We spent some time learning about personal finance, but there was also some sessions on the finance of congregations as well. It was very good information.

We took the opportunity to stay a couple of extra days, though. Downtown Cincinnati is where we first met. It’s where a lot of our dating life took place, and it’s where I asked Josanne to marry me over thirty-four years ago now. It was some good time away together. The not-so-good was seeing my Cincinnati Reds get beat by the White Sox 17-4.

There are only three more weeks left in our Ezra series, and that means only four weeks until we begin our Summer schedule where our worship service will begin at 9am. Also remember that next Sunday is Mother’s Day! I will be back in person to look at the importance of “Faithful Teachers,” to our spiritual lives.

I’ve heard there were some pretty bad storms over the past few days and even up through this morning. I’m praying and hoping that there is not much damage from them, and that everyone has stayed safe.

God bless,


Scripture readings for next Sunday Ezra 7—How is Ezra described? Why do you think it’s important that he arrives when he does?

2 Timothy 1:3-12—What is Paul appealing to here as he writes to Timothy?

Psalm 119:105-112—What does this passage teach us about the role of the Word of God?

Titus 2—Why do you think these specific things are being taught to these groups?


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