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Relief Sale Thanks

Last week was busy with preparations for the relief sale. Many thanks to all of those who participated in some way. Thank you to the many who baked pies, bread, rolls, tea rings, cookies, and all else that went to the sale. Dutch Market items sold very quickly last Saturday. Thanks also to those who used their time and talent to make items that were sold. Thanks to those who coordinated and to those who moved the items into the sale. Thanks also to those who volunteered in various ways on the day of the sale. Your efforts made a huge impact, so thank you all!

It was nice to have Laura Horst, Donor Relations Director of MCC Great Lakes with us in our service yesterday. She gave an update on some of the places where MCC is at work in the world. She specifically mentioned MCC’s work in Ukraine with those involved in the war, and also the work in Syria which is helping those affected by the earthquakes there.

This coming Sunday will be an extra special day. Come out to support Reese, Lexy, Cole, and Natalie Douglas as they take the next step in their faith journey by being baptized. Remember that there will also be a potluck dinner following the worship service, so I hope you’ll make plans to stay afterwards.

God bless, Brian

Mark 13:1-13—Why do you think these four disciples asked what they did?

Mark 13:14-37—What’s the main point of Jesus’ teaching here?

Daniel 9:25-27—What do you think is the significance of “the abomination that brings desolation”?

2 Thessalonians 2:1-12—What do you think Paul is telling the Christians here?


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