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Winter Weather Update

They say about the meteorologist, who else can be wrong 50% of the time and keep their job? A few weeks back they predicted a dusting of snow and we got four inches or more. The last two storms were supposed to be worse and they weren’t that bad. It’s difficult to know how early to make the call, and I appreciate those who work together at NDMC to make those difficult decisions. I also appreciate the positive comments from those who think we did the right thing in being cautious and having only our live-stream worship service yesterday. I do believe it’s a blessing that we have that option now whereas in the past we would haven’t had any way to continue with our worship service.

I can’t believe it’s February 1st already! Do you think the groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow? The groundhog may have a better idea about the weather than the meteorologist! I think whether it sees its shadow or not, we will have some more cold days about probably some more snow. Stay tuned for our response.

The sermon for this week is taken from the very last part of John 6. A larger number of disciples turn away from following Jesus because of some difficult things that he had taught. Jesus then turns to the twelve and asks this question, “You do not want to leave to, do you?” I’d like to propose two questions for reflection this week. These are two questions I’m thinking about and wondering how all of you might answer. First, what do you think is the hardest thing about being a Christian? Secondly, what do you think makes the difference between someone who remains a follower of Jesus from those who turn back? I think these are important questions for us to come to terms within our own lives.

Let’s continue to encourage one another in our faith and through these difficult winter days. Sometimes a word of encouragement can make all of the difference in someone’s life.

Love you all, and I’m hoping for God’s rich blessings on us all.


Scriptures for this week

John 6:1-24—Why do you think the people were searching for Jesus after this miracle? John 6:60-71—What do you think are some of the “hard teachings” of Christianity to accept? 1 Samuel 13—What would you describe as Saul’s greatest failure in this account? What can we learn from it? 2 Corinthians 4—What does this chapter teach us about living the Christian life?


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