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E-gram April 13, 2015

We were privileged to hear from Doane Brubaker yesterday. Doane, ministers at Maple Lawn, a community for seniors Eureka.

Our congregation supports Meadows, a similar ministry. Over the years we have been privileged to give and serve as Meadows was established and has cared for many from our congregation. Meadows, Maple Lawn, and other organizations established by churches for their seniors bring dignity and support for all of us. They are important facets of the strength of Central Illinois communities.

Our ongoing interest in and support for area organizations ensures their viability, as well as for the days people we love may stand in need of them.

Our congregation continues its pattern of scheduling offerings in support of the local church and various ministries like Meadows. This schedule can be found in the yearbook recently distributed to all the congregation's households. You can use it to plan your giving throughout the year. We ask that you prayerfully do so, and with a commitment to increasing your generous response to the work of God and God's people.


Mark L Vincent

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