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New Beginnings

This time of year makes us think about new beginnings. Are you think kind of person who makes resolutions or not? Some people say New Years is just another day. Others take it as a marker when a post can be set in the ground and a new start can take place. The truth is that any time can be a time of new beginnings, but sometimes turning over a new calendar page and seeing the potential of the year ahead gives us a good place to start.

In my sermon yesterday I challenged us all to be devoted to pray for North Danvers Mennonite Church in the year ahead. Will you pray with me that God will open our eyes to see what he’s already doing around us, and to see the way that he is already working for us? Will you pray for God to continue to give direction to our congregation? Will you pray for one another and pray for all of our leaders?

Next week the sermon is from John 9. While we learned from 2 Kings 6 the importance of opening our spiritual eyes to see what God is doing, John 9 will teach us the importance of seeing others. Remember: We are followers of Jesus Christ, led by His Word, reaching out in love.

The Adult Sunday School has begun a series called “The Epic of Scripture” which will take a journey through the entire Bible from January to May of this year. It’s a foundational study, so it’d be a great time to get involved in Sunday School. Remember that we have classes for all ages, and there is even childcare for those with young children who want to participate in the adult class.

One additional note: I’m going to travel with Josanne to St. Louis on Thursday night and Friday, so I’m going to shift my day off this week from Tuesday to Friday. I’ll not be in the office Friday morning, but I will have office hours from 8am-noon on Tuesday.

God bless,


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