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May Flowers

With all of these showers, we should have some May flowers coming!


Our gathering yesterday was very nice. It was good to have Rich Bucher visiting with us. The time of fellowship during the potluck was also very enjoyable. Thanks to all who worked together to make that happen.


I wanted to remind everyone that Josanne and I are in Indianapolis today and tomorrow for the ReNew Conference. We are looking forward to hearing some good teaching and preaching and seeing some friends we haven’t seen in a while. Some of my former students are presenting and others who we know will be attending. While I won’t be in the office today, Terri will still be there if there’s anything you need.


Last Friday was the GLAPS Grandparents breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. It was well-attended and the two GLAPS classes did a great job of singing several songs. Thanks to all of those who worked hard to make this event a success.


I wanted to say just a few words about my former student Paul Del Valley for whom I have asked prayers. He is the minister at the Christian Church in Colfax, IN. He will begin treatments in Indianapolis this Wednesday and they will continue for the next five week days. Paul’s wife, Kayla, teaches in a nearby Christian school. They are accepting donations for help with food and travel expenses while they are receiving treatments. If you’d like information about this, you can click here.


I pray that you all have a good week and hope to see you next Sunday!


God bless, Brian



Scripture readings for next Sunday


Genesis 14:8-24—What does this passage teach about Abraham’s reputation in the land?

Hebrews 5:1-10—What does this passage teach us about Jesus?

Psalm 110—How does David use the figure of Melchizedek in this psalm?

Hebrews 7:1-10—Why do you think the Hebrew writer uses the example of Melchizedek here?


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