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Journeying with Abraham

Josanne and I missed being with everyone yesterday, but it was a blessing to worship with the congregation where my nephew, Adam, preaches. We have had a good time with both family and friends in Indianapolis this weekend.


What initially drew us to Indianapolis over the weekend was the premiere of a documentary that my friend and former student, Ryan Sarver directed. It follows the path of the children of Israel during the Exodus. It is titled “Out of Egypt,” and is really well done. And you can find it online right here if you’d like to see it for yourself. Ryan was working with a group called Appian Media who produces various videos for teaching and then provides them for free online. It’s definitely worth checking out.


I expect many of you will be taking a little time to experience the eclipse which will be happening today. It’s a good reminder of the way that God has ordered the universe in such a perfect way. As Paul said in Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse,” (NIV). “Divine nature” I take here to mean God’s wisdom and knowledge so that the universe is perfectly designed.


Next Sunday during our worship time we will begin a series on the life of Abraham. The title is “The God of Abraham,” as we remember God’s call of Abraham and the way that God responded in faith. Abraham is mentioned frequently in the New Testament and used as an example from which we can learn. I hope you’ll join us for this series and invite some others to come along.


Hope to see you then!

God bless,



Scripture readings for next Sunday

Genesis 11:27-12:5—How difficult do you think it would have been for Abraham to obey God’s command here?

Acts 7:1-10—Why do you think Stephen begins his sermon in this way?

Joshua 24:1-4—What does this teach us would have been remarkable about God appearing to Abraham?

Psalm 25—How do see the Lord guiding you?



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