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The Week before the Relief Sale

This is a busy week with lots of activity. Make sure to look through the E-Gram and Sunday’s bulletin to get all of the details. I’ll try to highlight a few of the activities here, but look there for the full “calendar of events.”


Of course, the big event is the all-day Mennonite Relief Sale on Saturday at the Interstate Center in Bloomington. You can find more information here: There are also some books with the schedule still on the table in the Fellowship Hall.


Wednesday morning there is a crew cooking the pie filling, so the normal Wednesday morning devotion crew will be meeting in the afternoon instead. Thursday will be pie baking day at the church building.


Certainly lots of activity and lots of chances to participate. The Mennonite Illinois Relief Sale is always an event that people look forward to, but it takes a lot of volunteers to pull off. We’ve already had people working tirelessly for the past several weeks in preparation, so a big thank you to all who do their part to make this event such a success.


Continue to remember those on our prayer list. There are several this week who have been procedures or tests that will determine the course of their treatment.


God bless!


Scripture readings for next Sunday

Luke 22:24-38—Why do you think the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest?

Luke 22:47-62—What is the difference between Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s?

Job 1:6-12—What are you thoughts on this unusual passage? What’s happening here?

Philippians 2:1-13—What does it look like to have the same “mind” or “attitude” as Christ?



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