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To Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Little gusty yesterday, huh? Wow! I hope you didn’t have any serious damage from yesterday’s wind, but it was very strong. I saw things being blown around that I’ve never seen moved in that way. Reminds me of what Jesus says about the work on the Spirit in the life of the believer (John 3:5-8). We can’t see the Spirit, but when we are in step with God’s work we certainly feel his effects.


Speaking of Kingdom work, we are in that time of year when it seems there are all kinds of things to keep us busy. Of course, several of you are already busy preparing for the Mennonite Relief Sale. We have people donating items. There’s an email you can respond to if you have items to donate. Others are baking cinnamon rolls and other goodies. I do have it on good authority that there will be Pfeffernüsen again this year. And now we are only 10 days away from Pie Day on March 14th. That’s always a busy time around the church building.


If you haven’t gotten your booklet for the relief sale or you know others who need one, make sure to pick some up from the NDMC building. They are on a table in the Fellowship Hall.


I also wanted to let you know that we were contacted by the Midwest Food Bank. They are in need of additional volunteers because of the increased need at food banks throughout our community, region, and beyond in the large number of areas that Midwest Food Bank serves. We’ve posted the email itself which lists several ways you can help. They are looking for volunteers to help unload trucks in the morning. They are also looking for groups to prepare lunches for their volunteers as well. If you have a Class C license or higher, they need volunteer truck drives. I know we have a person from our congregation who already volunteers in this way. If there’s interest, we could also put a team together to volunteer together. It’s a great way for us to help a worthy organization.


Continue to invite others to come and join us for worship. In the lead up to Easter is a great time to invite your friends, neighbors, and family members to attend.


God bless!



Scripture readings for next Sunday


Luke 18:1-17—What do we learn about prayer from this passage?

Psalm 51—What strikes you when you read David’s prayer of confession? Matthew 6:5-15—How do you understand the instructions Jesus gives about prayer here?

James 5:13-18—What can we learn about prayer from this passage?



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