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Working Together

Last night at the Danvers Town Band concert it was neat to see everyone working together, doing their part, to pull off the Ice Cream Social. It made me think about the text from Ephesians 4:16, “the whole body. . . grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work” (NIV 2011). Everyone working together can accomplish so much.

We want to extend a thanks to all of those who volunteered to make the Ice Cream Social such a success! Special thanks are due to Annette Morman and Margie Whittenbarger who took on the extra responsibility of organizing and leading the effort. You did a great job!

In the sermon yesterday, I mentioned that we all need to discover the way that God has gifted us. An important part of that discovery is to try things. We won’t know if we can do something well until we try! One of the blessings of a church like North Danvers Mennonite is that there are plenty of opportunities to try many different things. There are opportunities to teach and preach, opportunities to serve, there are lots of opportunities to coordinate and lead. If you feel like you there’s something you’d like to try, let me or one of the ministry team leaders know! There are so many opportunities, you’d be welcomed with open arms.

Want to give you a reminder that there are only six weeks until our big Fall Kickoff on September 11th. I hope you’ve been praying for the person you are going to invite to come with you on that Sunday. If you haven’t found someone yet, it’s not too late. Make sure you invite someone to come along with you on that day.

Thanks for all of those who’ve congratulated Josanne and me on our first full year serving at NDMC. Seems like it’s gone very quick. I believe there will be lots of exciting things happen in the year to come.

God bless,


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