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Abraham’s Faith

Paul tells us that for those of us who “have the faith of Abraham,” that he is “the father of us all,” (Romans 4:16). However, we’ve seen that sometimes Abraham’s faith was stronger than others. That gives me some comfort, because I am the same. What we can see from Abraham’s journey is that those moments when his trust in God was weaker led him to make some big mistakes. It reminds us that we can put ourselves in the same place when our faith flags.


Next week, we will be looking at a very difficult stage in Abraham’s life, but a time when perhaps his faith was as strong as we’ve seen. After Isaac, the child of the promise, is born; God asks Abraham to sacrifice him. It’s unimaginable the anguish this must have caused Abraham. Yet, Abraham willingly obeys God, and it is clear it is because of a deep trust he has developed. As we prepare for this week perhaps think about how you would have responded in a similar circumstance.


Remember that we will honoring our graduates this next week following the worship service. You can find details about those who are being honored elsewhere in the E-Gram.

There are lots of graduations happening in these weeks. There is a lot of moving with the college students moving out of their apartments. There is a lot of change this time of year. Take a moment to pray for those who are in times of transition that God will guide their steps.


Of course, we should also pray that God continues to guide and lead us, as well.


God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday

Genesis 21—How do you think it felt for Abraham and Sarah to finally have a son?

Hebrews 11:17-23—How could our faith be tested in a similar way?

Genesis 22—Why do you think that God tests Abraham in this way?

2 Corinthians 4:7-18—What does this passage teach us about the difference in our plans and God’s plans?



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