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Being Blessed

The adult Sunday School is currently studying the book of Proverbs. Though we’ve just begun, it’s been an interesting journey so far. I’ve learned so much just in preparing this series of lessons. One thing I’m struck by is how much time is spent in the book of Proverbs on our finances. How do we use it? How should we think about it?

On Sunday, we got into a good discussion of this Proverb: “The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it” (Proverbs 10:22, NIV 2011). One of the points that I made is that even when we consider ourselves to not have much wealth, when we begin to look at where we stand in relationship to the total world population, we are quite wealthy and quite blessed. I mentioned this website where you can go to see where you stand in relationship to the rest of the world’s population: The reason I include this is not so we feel better about ourselves, or even so that we feel bad for others. I include it because I sometimes need a reminder of how blessed I truly am.

As we approach Holy Week and Easter we have several events that are upcoming. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday and the children will be taking part in the service. You won’t want to miss the Maundy Thursday service. Also remember the community Good Friday service is at North Danvers this year. On Easter Sunday our schedule will be changing a bit. We’ll have a sunrise service at 8:30am, Fellowship Time at 9am, and then our service at 10:10am. Be sure to invite your family and friends!

God bless!


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