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Easter Recap 2017

I hope and pray that everyone got to spend some time with friends and family this past weekend.

It was certainly a great time to worship together with our brothers and sisters at North Danvers. Maundy Thursday service in the Fellowship Hall, hosting the community Good Friday service, and then a sunrise service, fellowship time, and Easter Sunday worship service all made for a very busy, but meaningful weekend. It was a joy to gather together and remember these events which are so important to our faith. There are so many who were involved with the preparation for these services, for conducting them, and then for cleaning up afterwards. We want to extend a BIG thank you to all of those who were involved and who willingly and joyfully served others to make these services a reality. Thank you!

Usually when I preach through a gospel between Christmas and Easter, Easter Sunday marks the end of that series and we’d be beginning a new series in our worship time next week. Because the Gospel of John is a little different, this year is a little different as well, so next week we’ll be looking at John 21 in our worship service. Here’s the question—what does it mean for us to live in light of the resurrection? How do we live as resurrection people? In two weeks we’ll be beginning a new series on Elijah and what we can learn from his life about being a godly person. I think you’re going to enjoy it! Why don’t you make a point to invite someone who might find our worship services meaningful.

Remember that this Sunday we will be back on our normal Sunday schedule with Sunday School for all ages at 9am, worship service at 10:10am, with our fellowship time immediately following.

Love you all and God bless, Brian

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